What is a wiki ?

Things to do

Take a tour in Wikispaces – Several 2 minute videos clearly showing how to set up your wiki, use it, personalise your space and use RSS.

Join "wikispaces" it's painless - just click on the link top right. You need a username, own password (don't forget it) and email address.

Start a wiki in 30 seconds Build a wiki for education purposes - join up and take advantage of the free educators sites (inappropriate advertising).

New to Wikispaces Help for Teachers- Answers all those questions

Choose and Compare Wiki Offers -

Worth following the steps for a simple explanation of the various options you usually have to think about when choosing a Wiki.

So, just what is a wiki?

It’s easiest to think of a wiki as just a very simple web site. We immediately think of the 2-dimensional web pages of the last 10 years, where ‘view, point and click’ was the closest we non-programming peasants got to interaction, but there are important differences. A Wiki website is both simpler and more interactive - like a combination of a Web site and a Word document with one simple tool bar. If you're a member of the particular wiki (using wikispaces as an example) an "Edit this Page" icon will be visible and you can add your own contributions and tweak others. Have a look around.
Yes, Wiki’s can just be viewed - like any other web site. You don’t have to be a member to read the content and to click and follow the links, but you do have to be a member to edit pages and add or delete content. There are basically three levels of wiki access: Public, Protected and Private

WIKI samples

EdResources - Year 0-9 curriculum resource collection

Literacy samples http://kkps-r25.wikispaces.com/Literacy Waterways project Wiki http://waterways.wikispaces.com/ Mrs Cassidy's Year 1/2 Dinosaur wiki

Room18TIS Taradale Intermediate School

Room 9 Nelson Central

The Livewires

Moturoa Waterways Project


Abby's Travelogue Love the story behind this one. She must get a A+