So you have a wiki - now what? How can you use use this to support your classroom programme.

Most online sites,require you to join. Use your email address and remember your password.

Some sites have an educators version. Use this where possible

Many sites have an R13 restriction. This does not refer to content but is a privacy issue. One option is to create a teacher's account to oversee all contributions.

Try a clustr map. This shows you where your audience is from. Have a little geography lesson

Locations of visitors to this page

WEB 2 Tool Ideas -

Macs - Make a movie in imovie, export as a Quicktime movie and upload to youtube or teachertube,then embed

PCs -Use Moviemaker or Photostory 3, Convert to a wmp file and upload.

Use KidPix and Comic Life - Export as jpeg files and upload ( File - Export)

See this example of A matou mihi from Pt England uploaded to flickr

Click on an image to enlarge, roll your mouse over to read the text

Little Voices. Little Scholars - using a variety of web 2.0 tools. Checkout - How I can be a Success

Vokis- Add interest to your page with a voki. Get your students to introduce your class

Voicethread- Upload images and everyone can have their say. When you register, look for educators account

See examples here

Storytelling using Voicethread

One True Media - One True Media helps you turn your photos and video into awesome slideshows and video montages for free. Embed your slideshow or video montage. See an example from Moturoa here

bubbleshare - upload your photos and embed in your wiki. Camp, trips, cooking, swimming sports etc

animoto - create digital stories / videos in minutes

Upload PowerPoint presentations to slideshare. Have a look here, you can also find resources here

You can also use slideboom for uploading presentations.

Spell with flickr- create titles and headings here

capzles - Capture your memories, tell your stories, travel through time. see example here

Photopeach - make your own slideshows to share in seconds. And also here at Photobucket

wordle - create beautiful word clouds. You need to take a screen shot of it to save it (mac - ctrl shift 4)

tag galaxy- search flickr photos to create a powerful illustration. Take a screen shot and then upload to wiki

poll everywhere- want to know how your students feel or what they already know or can do

twitter- keep up to date and enjoy support from colleagues in a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

blabberize- Make a talking picture, share what you know or how you feel in another place and time

Google docs - Using Google docs in the classroom

Explore the Google toolbar - what else can you do with a google account? Gmail, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars
Create a calendar and embed on your wiki

Links to blogs- how could you use this in your classroom programme and connect


Glogster- Create styly looking pages and embed into your wiki

Wix -

Getting Tricky with Wikis - Lenva Shearing