Introduction to Blogs

Enhancing the English Curriculum

Level 2: Speaking, Writing, Presenting

Processes and strategies

Select and use sources of information, processes and strategies with some confidence to identify, form and express ideas.

  • show some understanding of the connections between oral, written and visual language when creating texts.

  • creates texts by using meaning, structure, visual and grapho-phonic sources of information and processing strategies with growing confidence.

  • seeks feedback and makes changes to texts to improve clarity and meaning

  • Is reflective about the production of text: monitors, self-evaluates and describes progress with some confidence

Purposes and Audiences

Shows some understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences

  • constructs texts that demonstrate a growing awareness of audience and purpose through appropriate choice of content, language and text form.
  • expects the texts they create to be understood, responded to and appreciated by others
  • develops and conveys personal voice where appropriate
It is important for readers to recognise that behind every text is an author, that the author has a reason for writing, and that the reader has a reason for reading.The purpose of the author may be to

  • provide or obtain information;
  • share the excitement of an event;
  • persuade or influence;
  • create or enter a personal world;
  • stimulate the imagination;
  • convey important cultural stories or myths;
  • express or appreciate a point of view.

What is a BLOG ?

Have a peep into other classrooms. What do you like ? ...

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