What - A web-based communications network which allows users to upload video, photos and images, and add individual comments for each.VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows for collaborating, sharing, and commenting. It can be easily operated by students and monitored by teachers. The programme allows for uploading pictures, narration by the creator and commenting by other viewers in 5 different ways-including audio and text. It has revolutionized story telling and can be used by teachers in all subject areas to present and share information. It has many applications ie. a creation, discussion, and assessment tool.
How - Gather and develop student voice. Create and collaborate on digital stories and documentaries, practice and document language skills, explore geography and culture, collaborately solve maths problems. Encourage student reflection and observations about their learning. Save completed presentations and embed in eportfolios or online sites.
Examples : http://elementaryvoicethreads.wikispaces.com/
Example https://voicethread.com/library/21/
To learn more join a Ning group of fellow educators and see what others are doing http://voicethread.ning.com/


WHAT - An online tool which allows users to manipulate photos to imitate movement around the mouth.
HOW - Choose a photo or image to upload, follow instructions to cut around the mouth. Add audio recording of student's voice . Save completed presentations and embed in eportfolios or online sites. Excellent for putting students in another's shoes, personification activities etc.


Storynory -

WHAT- A good selection of audio stories for children, accompanied by the text . Fairy Tales, popular stories etc.
HOW- Use them to develop listening skills and comprehension, and to model fluent reading of their own stories. Record student's reading their own stories aloud
and collect in a class folder for other students to listen to. Print out text to allow students to arrange it into a short book, making sense of the plot and setting by
adding illustrations.

Famous Speeches

Speech Video Collection

WHAT - Videos of well known speeches. A Youtube collection of 10,300 examples (yep -plenty to choose from).
HOW - Use them to motivate, model delivery and content etc and develop rubrics for success. Video the student's own attempts and analyse for effective feedback.
Text copies of many of the worlds great speeches (sift through the American stuff ;).



WHAT - A collection of printable listening tests with images, and matching audio files!
HOW - Download MP3 audio with matching printable worksheets, make your own custom listening comprehension exercises or print out free ready made materials. Great for encouraging students to listen and identify images that represent the words.

Junior Class Audio

WHAT - Use digital microphones and voice recorders to gather student voice.
HOW - Record Voice for more detailed Book Reviews, develop questioning skills eg. "Poggy Frog's Song" Room 8 (2008 - work by Miriam Millar).

Sound/Audio Collections


Collection of TV & Movie audio clips.

Animal Sounds -
WHAT - Collection of recognisable animal sounds, TV and Movie quotes (in MP3 format).
HOW - Use as inserts in audio stories, attach to slideshows eg. Photostory and Powerpoint etc

Free and legal Music** - Jamendo artists allow you to download and share their music. Useful for adding to photostory and other presentations as background music

Instants! Collection - A collection of fun sounds - Fun things come in all shapes, sizes and sounds Sounds.png