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School Trip Comic

Audience and Purpose
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Learning Intentions
Teaching / Student Action
e-learning integration
Next Steps
To write new or extended verses based on models of shared reading e.g. rhythms, repetition.
Shared reading with class
Explain and model repetitive pattern and focus on vocabulary
Prompt for suggestions from students for alternatives to text
Choose another book which has a similar pattern, rhythm or repetition. Students write their own text and illustrate in Kidpix / MS Paint. Share online for independent reading and feedback
To make connections between written and visual text
To explain, inform, persuade, describe,
Model using data projector.
Question to generate thoughtful discussion and ideas
Comic Life in the Classroom
Give feedback on connections.
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To identify important features of written and visual language
and use them to create particular meaings and effects
Review a variety of visual features that can be incorporated into blogposts.
Wordle - Cruz
Students select and use other visual features to add value. Read feedback. Read other similar blogs and leave feedback / comments for others
To evaluate purpose and features of animations to match story and target age group
To evaluate purpose and features of sound effects to match story and target age group.

Model animations using data projector
Use a Y chart to gather ideas
Digistore - A kennel for Sophie
Students create own animations
Students create own stories using photostory, imovie, moviemaker, pivot stick animations, I Can Animate
To create writing from a site that provides pictures and a word bank for students to create a enriched sentence or sentences
Model with data projector
Use PMI to discuss vocabulary
Shared writing as class
Post on blog / wiki
Students work in pairs or independently to create own stories
Share on class blog / wiki
Start a class 6 Word Memoirs using own photos
To recognise that he/she is writing for an audience
Who is our audience?
Where are the from?
What type of writing is appropriate?
Why blogging is cool !

The Hovercraft
Add a clustr map / feedjit (or similar) to own blog / wiki
Read blogs and leave comments. Continue writing posts on a variety of topics