Photostory 3 - Free download

Add music and voice to digital photos / slideshare. Very easy and effective presentation tool.

There are sooo many slidesharing sites. Most will allow you to upload student powerpoints and provide embed codes for your online sites. Try these - Prezi, Sliderocket, Brainshark, Slideshare


Add multiple comments to photos etc. Easy, useful and fun.

A wiki on Voicethread


What could it mean?

Room 18 TIS Sir Edmund Hillary Voicethread Scroll down to the voicethread

Room Twenty 2 World Maths Day

Can you add to this?

Using Voicethread in the early years. Like the comment on linking it to assessment. Scroll down the page

Sea Cucumber Definitions

School Community - Bangkok

Interactive Pre-K News- Bangkok



Easy to make slideshows with image manipulation features.

Create Your Own

And there's also Smilebox Share life's moments in minutes. Slideshows, ecards, scrapbooks, photobooks, postcards