Marvin - Free to NZ schools (animations great for digital storytelling)

Learning Intentions
Acts of Teaching
/ Student Action

e-learning Integration
Next Steps
To relate pictures to print
To match 1-1......................
To relate own experiences to the story
Teacher puts link into wiki for easy access by students
Teacher models on screen with data projector.
One student is helper and one is learner
All About Me ........................................

( From Starfall )

To use initial letters and endings to decode
To talk about plot and characters

To read texts with more specialised vocabulary
To locate specific information
Teacher identifies text as part of integrated programme
Students predict words they expect to see
Students list words they didn't expect to see or are unknown
Students write own definitions for specialised vocabulary
Compare with experts definitions
Students design their own questions about the text.
Students record questions and select the best question through discussion of good questions.
To discuss confidently about books and authors when reporting
To respond critically to a range of texts
To show awareness of how words and images can be combined to make meaning
To identify how verbal and visual features can be combined for a particular purpose and audience
Teacher explains what a report is
Discuss the features of a report and models using enriched vocabulary (fact, opinion, evidence, example, true, false, solution, compare, contract)
Students write a script and prepare a podcast
KPE - podcasts
Share podcast online and read feedback. Reflect on whether it met intention and conveyed a messge
To read a wide range of texts for pleasure and information
and extend reading interests
To recognise the features of of a report
Students identify how the author uses language to convey meaning and influence the reader
Students express an opinion about the development of the story
Students use an enriched vocabulary in their report (main events, action, plot, setting, problem, crisis, solution, conclusion)
Students discuss the actions of the characters and the development of relationships and express their feelings about the text.
Classroom Booktalks
Students read a range of text types and can make connections and comparisons between books and authors
To clarify vocabulary or meaning independently
To identify and reflect upon information while reading
Teacher introduces fact v fiction and exposes students to a variety of texts
Teacher provokes discussion about a variety of sites and students respond in Think, pair share
Students identify 6 points to help them to establish fact, fantasy, hoax
Tree Octopus
Students create their own hoax site, incorporating strategies such as formative language, claims from other people, fictitious references and visuals

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