QR Codes : Slideshow information, links to downloads, examples of use and learning tasks.

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How do I get a QR Reader Application for my phone/device ?

There are plenty of choices available online - free. Most will also allow you to make your own QR codes but may limit the amount you can make and the number of hits for each code. Here are links to some examples (Apple & Android).
QR code information, free reader download & QR creator. Costs incurred for commercial use.
iTunes/ App Store
Many choices for ipad & iphone
Mashable Tech
Blog, with multi-media presention describing 7 Android QR Reader apps.
Blackberry ,

Your Task - Design and build a simple game that uses Q R Codes.

Below are two examples . Print them out and test the codes :-)
Instructions -position game.jpg

Positional Phrases.jpg

Kei whea te kuri.jpg

How else could we use QR Codes ?

Watch the video with a partner and brainstorm the possibilities and implications. Print out the context map to help organise your thinking.